Guest Blogger on Emerging Civil War

Next week, my first of numerous posts will be featured on the popular, Emerging Civil War’s Blog. I will be a guest author writing and blogging on events that took place 150 years ago in the Shenandoah Valley. These include the Battles of Cool Spring, Rutherford’s Farm, Second Kernstown and more. My fellow Ranger, friend and author, Phil Greenwalt approached me with this great opportunity.

This is part of a bigger effort to promote special events taking place at the park. With the sesquicentennial of the Civil War underway, Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park is rapidly approaching the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek in October. Myself and my other compatriots at the park are holding numerous special events leading up to this. These include special “On This Day” tours, History at Sunset programs and a brand new lecture series the park is hosting. In an effort to promote these events, especially the “On This Day” tours I will be writing and blogging on these battles and actions.

For more information about these upcoming events, check out Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP’s park’s website here. Or, keep up to date via the park’s Facebook page, here. I will post links to my posts from the Emerging Civil War Blog as the appear on the anniversary dates.


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