Upcoming Conference

Unknowingly to my knowledge, my professor from last semester nominated my term paper for an undergraduate conference this October. The MARCUS (Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship), “is devoted exclusively to the scholarship and research activities of undergraduate students.” I am privileged and honored that my professor found my paper of this quality. My research focused on the Blitz in England in 1940-41 and the effect on English morale.

Here is my abstract for my paper: 

When bombs began to drop on England in the fall of 1940, the German air offensive began. Houses, public institutions and families were ruined by this coordinated effort to destroy the English will to fight a war. Through the use of contemporary diaries, journals, newspapers, and government documents, the author argues that this German offensive had an adverse effect. The morale and will of an England did not break, but in fact was solidified behind this shared experience. Through his examination of these documents, the author also puts the Blitz within the geopolitics of the time. By revealing these sentiments, he concludes that writing acted as a tool to cope with the destruction taking place at this time.

I am excited to represent the James Madison University History Department this October. 

More information on the conference can be found here.


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