Kind Words

This past weekend was just like any weekend at the park. I took part in research, prepared programs for the 150th weekend, and conducted interpretative programs. One of my programs took place on Saturday October, 4th. It was the real first fall day in the Valley. The leaves were changing colors and the breeze was crisp. I had four visitors on my program. A couple from Arlington Virginia and a couple from Kentucky. The program went well as I discussed the Civil War in the Valley in 1864. After the program I answered some questions and headed back to my office. What seemed to be a typical weekend went on as planned.

Come to find out, one of the visitors on the program is  a fellow National Park Service Ranger. He sent an email to my superintendent at the park. It read:

“I wanted write to let you know of the exemplary program that Kyle provided yesterday afternoon at Belle Grove. He gave an in depth presentation of the area Civil War battles and relationship of the property during the time period. It was evident that he devoted a great deal of time in researching and preparing for the program. Kyle was professional, knowledgeable, and kept us engaged. The front line ranger is emblematic of our agency and Kyle exceeded our expectations of the interpretive experience. Thank you and your staff for a great afternoon.”
This made my day! It is always comforting to hear that I can make such a positive impression on visitors in such a short period of time.  As we rapidly approach the 150th events in ten days, this is just the fuel I need.

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