Effective Use of Media: Google Maps and History

Recently I have started the arduous journey of attempting to understand Reconstruction in the Shenandoah Valley following the Civil War. After some basic internet queries on the Freedmen’s Bureau I came across a really intriguing link. Someone took Google Maps and overlaid all the various bureaus in the south! Check it out.

Today, I came across another map put together by the University of California. It does the same thing, but documents the various New Deal projects that were undertaken in the 1930s. Check it out. 

As someone who loves to use technology, these are great examples of how to integrate new media and technology into the history field. As time moves on, hopefully people can incorporate the power of Google Maps even more.



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2 responses to “Effective Use of Media: Google Maps and History

  1. Cool!!!!
    I love Google Maps Satellite view for checking battlefield topography and Street View (can’t remember if this is Google or MapQuest) for “walking” historic towns. Since I can’t travel to the East Coast historic sites as much as I’d like, this is a nice way to “see” some locations.

    Thanks for the links to the historic map overlays.

  2. You are most welcome. I wish I could take credit in these, but I cannot.

    As time moves on I am interested to see how Google interacts with our historical fabric. I heard they were attempting to map out Arlington National Cemetery, so people can use streetview on that:


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