When Worlds Collide: A Public Historian at the CWI Conference

Great insight from my fellow co-worker and close friend.

The Gettysburg Compiler

by Shannon Moeck

NOTE: Applications to participate in the 2015 Public Historian Scholarship Program are due March 15.

As a Park Ranger for Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP, a major component of my job is to interpret the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign.  Over the years of employment and through my personal research, I have developed a quality overview understanding of the fall 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign.  The next phase in my career development is to broaden my understanding and delve deeper into the experience of the war, both inside and outside the Valley.  In 2013, I attended the Future of Civil War History conference hosted by Gettysburg College.  That was the first conference I ever attended and it was one of the best professional experiences I have had to date.  My personal takeaway was enormous.  The opportunity to hear speakers such as Peter Carmichael, David Blight, and Troy Harman was…

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