Kind Words

Through out my time as a Ranger, visitors have left various comments from their experiences with me.

Mary Risser, Superintendent at Natchez Trace Parkway simply remarked after visiting the park:

“He was “incredibly knowledgeable” about the park – and that “he was exactly the kind of person the NPS should be looking for and hiring.”

A fellow NPS Ranger wrote to my supervisor following one of my programs:

“I wanted write to let you know of the exemplary program that Kyle provided yesterday afternoon at Belle Grove. He gave an in depth presentation of the area Civil War battles and relationship of the property during the time period. It was evident that he devoted a great deal of time in researching and preparing for the program. Kyle was professional, knowledgeable, and kept us engaged. The front line ranger is emblematic of our agency and Kyle exceeded our expectations of the interpretive experience. Thank you and your staff for a great afternoon.”

After leading a tour for the Westmoreland County Historical Society their director sent an email to my supervisor:

“I wanted you to know how much we all enjoyed our excursion  this past Saturday to the Cedar Creek Battlefield & Belle Grove Plantation.  In particular, I would like to commend your Park Ranger, Kyle Rothemich.  I’ve received a number of emails and phone calls from participants, as well as three members who just walked in the door today.  Every single person singled out Kyle’s enthusiasm, polite demeanor, and carefully prepared presentation as a highlight of our day.  We also visited Glen Burnie House and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley later that afternoon. I will not hesitate to recommend him to visitors to your site in the future.  He is certainly a stellar representative of our National Park Service as he enriched our experience and knowledge of this important historical event.”

After leading tours for the Little Big Horn History Associates and speaking at their conference, their director wrote about their experiences:

“Let me thank you and your staff for so much for the assistance of you and your staff over the last year and a half!  Yup, it has been that long and without your constant help the conference could not have been successful.  The tours were absolutely first class and received nothing but the highest compliments.  Most importantly, despite our group name, most of us knew remarkably little the 1864 campaign, and you gave everyone an unsurpassed overview of the battlefields. Kyle also did a wonderful job as speaker a speaker Saturday.  He was so personable and made such a dynamic presentation (with a strong, clear voice) that my only fear is that someday he might be drawn into politics!”

After a visit on a cold March day a visitor later wrote:

“My mom and I spent yesterday at Cedar Creek National Battlefield and wanted to let you know how inspired we were by a seasonal interpretive ranger by the name of Kyle Rothemich.  It was freezing yesterday but the weather did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of this highly knowledgable guy who told the story of the battle in such a compelling way, that we felt transported back to the time of the battle.  It was fantastic! If Kyle is an indicator of the future of the NPS, it is in good hands.”




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